Our Interior Design Services

Operating for over a decade, B&N Design has gained a wide client base in Malaysia from its comprehensive list of interior design and build services which includes office interior design, interior design for house, interior design for restaurant, retail outlet design, recreation and entertainment interior design as well as landscaping. To generate a better understanding on each category, a brief explanation is as follow: The interior design for office emphasises on the design outlook as it represents the company’s image; the interior design for house or condominium focuses on a sense of warmth and comfort; the F&B category includes the interior design for restaurant and the interior design of cafe where the atmosphere is vital for its direct impact towards the customers’ dining experiences; retail outlets such as shopping malls aim for strategic layout in giving the fullest experience to the customers; the recreational and entertainment park are designed with safety as well as with enjoyment in mind; while landscaping design takes into the consideration of artistic sense to blend into the surroundings.


B&N Design is the leading interior design and build agency in the market which surpasses most of its competitors. The success of B&N Design is made possible by its team of dedicated experts who are determined in providing the best of interior design services and aid in the branding of companies by holding close to B&N Design’s value of ensuring the finest of quality at lower cost without compromises. Such commitment leaves customers with no better choice. B&N Design serves you with professionalism in the following project disciplines.

Interior Design and Build – Turnkey Solutions

To execute and manage interior design and build projects. We focus on customer satisfaction by bringing quality finishes with competitive prices whilst meeting every project’s deadline. B&N Design Associates operate on a networking basis, where we out-panel interior design assignments and jobs to other ID specialists in the industry while our company controls the principal costs.

Design Consultancy Solution

B&N Design Utilizes a seven step management tool to Design Consultancy. Each step of this process is carefully monitored as part and parcel of the Project schedule. A client sign off is required after each step of the process before the next stage can commence. The seven components are as sequence of work follows:

  1.  Programming
    (brief, information gathering, research)
  2.  Concept / Space Planning
    (space planning and design schematics)
  3.  Design Development
    (develop the design concept)
  4.  Drawing and Specification
    (working drawing and specifications, material and finishes and  supply items)
  5.  Contract Documentation
    (preparation of contract, tendering and pricing)
  6.  Site Preparation
    (periodic alts inspection as necessary, quality control, meeting reports,   variation control)
  7. Finalization
    (finalise contracts and hand over to the client, follow up on the maintenance and defects over the liability period)