The well-executed interior design demonstrates balance and unity being in perfect harmony throughout the entire space. Each design element flows effortlessly to other living areas. The visual continuity in the unifying elements of wood and stone carry through the entire home with variations to cater to the specific function and purpose of the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen.
Style Meets Function
The spacious walk-in closet and dressing area feature natural wood shelving accented with custom lighting. The built in wardrobe combines style with practical functionality for efficient organization of a gentleman’s wardrobe.
A Cozy Oasis
The solid neutral scheme in the bedroom is given a homey and cozy appeal with floral accents in the bed linen and beautifully ornate floor carpeting. The focus is on comfort for a restful night’s sleep.
Zen Bathroom
A free standing bathtub facing a dramatic view of the cityscape is the epitome of luxury. The floor to ceiling windows adds a subtle Zen touch, due to the abundance of natural light that gets into space and there are shades that can be drawn for privacy.